MVSU: Maharishi Valmiki Sanskrit University

Maharishi Valmiki Sanskrit University (MVSU) is a university established in 2018 by the Government of Haryana at Mundri village of Kaithal district of India. It is 12 km east of Kaithal, 111 km from the state capital Chandigarh, 145 km from Hisar, and 164 km from the NCR New Delhi.

The name of this university is named after Adi Vichy Maharishi Valmiki Ji. This university has been established in the Mundali village of Basel District, 45 kilometers away from Kurukshetra, the birthplace of the Vedas, Puranas and Shrimadbhagwadgita, the origin of the Saraswati civilization. The ancient Love-Kush pilgrimage in the adjacent Mundi (Maunadi) village of Kaithal, the historic and mythological city called Kapital, on the holy river of Kurukshetra. As a legend, Maharshi Valmiki jis ashram was at this place. Here, in the preservation of love-kush, the education-initiation was done under the protection of Maharishi Valmiki Ji.

For the purpose of special study in subjects such as Maharishi Valmiki Sanskrit University, Mundri (Maundadhara), Kaithalam (Kastalimal)" Sanskrit and written in it, Indian languages, Ayurveda, journalism, manuscript, Shastri, Education Shastri, Acharya, Vidyavidhi and Indian Culture and Indian The philosophy has been established as a training and affiliate university for research. 8th in this university Cultured and advanced students under the guidance of the great scholars of the work will be built.

Maharishi Valmiki Sanskrit University, Mundi (Mounadhadhara), Kaithal (Kastalimalam)" Abduo.B. R. Ambedkar State College, Jagdishpura, is operating in Kaithal with temporary campus, while its original premises is being built in Mundadi village.

Maharishi Valmiki Sanskrit University Courses

  • Prak Shastri
  • Shastri
  • Shiksha Shastri
  • Acharya
  • Shiksha Acharya
  • Vidya Varidhi

Maharishi Valmiki Sanskrit University Contact Details

Maharshi Valmiki Sanskrit University
Mundri, Kaithal(Haryana)
Pin Code: 136027

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